Almost done

It’s been 5 weeks since school started, and I’ve only 1 more week left for this quarter. I’m getting A’s in both of my classes, but one of them may drop to a B by the time final grades are posted. I’ll take it, I’m not TOO picky. I worked my butt off some days, and others… no so much.    Soon I should be picking new classes, I hope i get something interesting.


Asthma has been pretty crappy this past week for me and Amanda. I hope to change that soon with some more nebulizer treatments. Both girls are doing well in strings, although they’re only a week into it. Charity is playing Bass again, and Mandi chose Viola. She’s surprisingly good at it, color me shocked. I’m also supposed to be teaching art again this year in both 6th and 4th grade, I should get started on that. Someone is supposed to take the initiative and contact the other volunteers and set up a time to get together and meet with the teachers. Since it’s been a week and I’ve not heard from anyone yet, I guess that person will be me on Monday.


That’s it for now, I’ll talk at you later.

Cooling down

It’s 63° outside right now and I’ve got most of the downstairs windows open. I really love the cool weather. It makes me feel, I don’t know.. alive I guess. It smells so good and especially now with some light sprinkles.  My desk is sitting right next to the window. Let me show you… Okay, see? Lol, I just took this picture, so excuse the messiness and my folder files I stick to the wall. But, you can see that I have that window right there, and the awesome breeze that comes with it. Smells SO good.

Holy crap I'm tired

 I’m so bloody tired, and all I’ve done is go through orientation! Classes officially start on Monday, and this is the latest I’ve been up since Sunday night. College will NOT be the death of me. I CAN do this. Right? Right?? *sigh*



College Bound

Can you be "bound" for somewhere if you don’t leave your home? I start my freshman year of online college in a few weeks. I’m going to do the accounting thing, or at least that’s the goal. I’m excited, but I’m betting that will fade when I actually have work to do. It’s hard to slack properly when things are expected of me. 


Anyway, let me think if anything else is going on. Hrm.. not at the moment.

So this woman walks into the ER..

 My asthma kicked my ass last night. Broke down and went at 9:45 and we got home at 12:45. Not bad for a totally packed ER. They gave me the good nebulizer treatments and 60mg of prednisone, so my bones feel like they’re going to break with every step. The upside, I can finally breathe. It’s not normal breathing but hell, I’ll take it. I’m so tired now, but it’s easier to breathe sitting up, so here I am.

Last nights trip made me decide to break down and replace my favorite little cell phone and get a camera phone. The kids made the time fly by, they were so funny. I kept thinking, now THIS is what camera phones are made for. So next trip to the ER (hopefully not for a long while) you’ll be able to see the antics instead of, well… not hearing about them at all, lol.

It’s time for me to take another neb treatment. I’ll talk to ya later.