Amazon Books: The Store

    Book Store
    Address: 4601 26th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
So my husband and I decided to check out the first brick and mortar Amazon Books. It was fantastic! What do I love about it? The books in the store appear to be all 4.5 star ratings and up. What this means for them (in my opinion) is that they aren’t wasting space putting books on the shelves that won’t be purchased. What that means to those of us who are book lovers, is that you can know that the books you’re looking at come highly recommended, and there is a good chance you will like it. I know, I know, that’s not always how it works, I’ve read books that people love and I can find nothing redeeming about, at all. Overall, the books there are going to be the most well received, and not be a waste of space for this pilot store.
Our purchases? Let me share!
Sleeping Beauty, Gaiman style!
I’ve heard great things, so giving it a whirl.
My favorite poet!

Husband’s, but I’m such a huge Joe Hill fan, I’ll check it out too!

Another hubs picked up. New AMC
 show coming soon!

Just a little something to give me ideas. Yum!

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