A better day

It’s not very pretty outside, but I’m feeling less down today, regardless. I’d probably feel more of a boost if it was sunny and I could open the windows without the threat of pneumonia. Still, I am feeling a little better. Classes are going… well, all right. Surprisingly, my algebra class isn’t the most difficult for me. It’s American National Government. Why??? I find it interesting, and informative, yet somehow it’s beating my ass into the ground. *sigh* I had no idea that adding just 1 extra class to my class load was going to drain me to the point of inaction. I don’t have energy to do even the simplest of things, like eating. I knew I’d find a great diet someday.     So, it’s Friday, and this makes me happy. I can sleep in, which makes class work easier to focus on, since I’m able to focus right away. Woo!

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