Chaos Umpire Sits by Kevin Kneupper

Chaos Umpire Sits (They Who Fell Series Book #2)Chaos Umpire Sits by Kevin Kneupper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second book in this series I am giving four stars, because I liked it better than the first, and found the overall story finally coming together to give me a better idea of what’s happening, and where the story is going.

While I did find this second book in the series more to my liking, I did still start skimming through certain parts of the story again. I get bored quickly if the story is jumping from one perspective to the next, and not giving me a reason to care about what is happening in one of the story streams. I realize that the streams will eventually merge, but they still need to have something to make me interested. Not all the streams flow well enough for me, but it is better in this second book.

My thoughts for the first book said that I felt it was good for YA’s, and that they might like it better. This second book is darker, and has more to it. It reads more like an adult book, than the first. I am looking forward to the next book, and expect to see the story really take me on a wild flight.

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