Four Tens

So I worked my first full week at RHC, and I am very ready for my 3 nights off. Working graveyard isn’t bad, but working it when there isn’t much happening is difficult, because all I want to do is sleep. When there is something to do, it’s in the morning when the residents wake up, and it goes from quiet and sleepy to rush rush, showers, and breakfast. This next week is my last at being safe from being “pulled”. Basically means that when there is a staffing need in another unit because of illness, vacation, or whatever, our unit is one that sends a person out, we overstaff by 1 to be able to do this. This isn’t something that is supposed to be bad, but most people don’t like going out of their assigned residences. For me, it’s going to be kind of scary, because I work in an area where the disabilities of the residents are minor compared to some of the other residences. I will get pulled and eventually end up in one of the more violent units for the night, and when that day comes I will probably cower in the corner and pee like a puppy.

Anyway, I’m sleepy, and rambling. I need to stay up still so I can stick with my schedule, but I think I’ll relax and stop trying to create coherent sentences.

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