Friday Harbor

Yesterday hubs, mj, and I went to Friday Harbor to collect some of my aunt’s things that Joanna (aunt’s best friend), had set aside for us. We didn’t stay long, we’re not the most social group, well, mjis, but not me and hubs. Anyway, we took the hour long ride to the ferry, then the hour long ride on the ferry, and grabbed the stuff after checking out the home that my aunt loved so much. It was sad, because I would have loved to see my aunt in it. It was so totally her! 

After we grabbed the stuff, we stopped at a turnout off the road so hubs and mj could explore and take some pix. My ankle was hurting bad, so I sat in the car and relaxed. After that we went to lunch at the place my aunt liked, The Cask and Schooner, I think it was called, and had an okay lunch. We killed some time, and bought a few souvenirs, then headed onto the ferry. 

On the ferry we (I) flagged down Joanna as she was walking by, and she sat with us the entire ride. We chatted about my aunt, how funny and unusual she was, but how we all “got” her, in our own way. I hope to stay in touch with Joanna, because she reminds me so much of my aunt without being quite so crazy! Well, who knows, maybe she can be too, but still, it would be nice to get to know her more.My aunt trusted her completely, and was best friends with her for something like over thirty years. Twenty, thirty… whatever, something long.

Yesterday was fun, and sad. I’m glad we did it, and even more glad that we made it home safe. 

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