How do I know?

I’m taking these monster sized antibiotics for a sinus infection I didn’t even know I had. How do I know if the antibiotics are working? I guess I’ll have to trust that they are doing their job. The pills are HUGE, and are 875 mg each. I take 2 a day, and they are so large that I have to cut them into quarters just so I can swallow them.


I’m also sneezing my butt off since I had to stop taking antihistamines. I had to stop because my allergist said that the allergy testing will be inaccurate if I’m on allergy medicine. That makes sense, but I am itching non-stop, and am absolutely miserable. I’m going to call in the morning and see if I can get in for the testing this week. I don’t think I can wait another 8 days.


On another note, my husband and I will be playing raquetball tomorrow night. No reason other than that we want to get more exercise, and raquetball is fun. While we’re doing that, AJ and CJ will be swimming. Don’t worry, there is a lifeguard on duty (2 actually) during the time that we’ll be going. I think we’re all going to have fun.

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