Taxes, Vitamins, and blood sugar.

Taxes have been filed for another year, glad to be getting some money back. I enjoy working on the taxes, I just don’t always understand what needs to go where, which is why we always have our taxes done. Tax season makes me a little sad that I changed my major from accounting to human services, but my new major fits me better, I think.

Anyway, so vitamins! I decided that I needed to supplement my diet since starting this nutrition class. I knew I was lacking in the way that I ate, but I had no idea how much! So, I added just a women’s one a day, nothing fancy, just a true supplement. It’s been five days so far, and now I can’t eat! I’m never very hungry, and when I eat, I can’t eat a whole lot. What’s up with that? Vitamins aren’t supposed to make you full, are they? I am also having trouble deciding what to eat. I used to be starving all the time, and knew I had to have, just HAD to have something specific, not the last few days though. I may ask my instructor about this, cause it seems weird to me.

My blood sugars are normalizing a lot over the last week. I added glipizide to my insulin, and it seems to be what I was missing. I am almost normal in the mornings, and my sugars stabilize faster after meals now. Hmm, maybe it’s the combination of vitamins and glipizide? Hellifiknow. Anyway, that’s it for now.

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