The Magpies by Mark Edwards (Goodreads Author), Elliot Hill (Narrator)

The MagpiesThe Magpies by Mark Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A couple buys a flat, meets their neighbors, and hangs with them. Everything seems fine, they all get along… don’they? Apparently not. Read The Magpies and you’ll find out why.

I’m not sure how to review this novel. In the end, I liked it. It was getting to the end that was unusual for me. I am used to horror/thriller novels that are in your face, obviously some stuff is about to go down, type of feeling. The Magpies is more of a slow build, but you’re not entirely sure of what is building, and therefore unsure of where the story might go.

I think this is intentional since the novel is based on the personal experience of the author. Now that you know this, you’re curious aren’t you? I hope so, give it a go.

Elliot Hill (Narrator): Mr. Hill has a wonderful voice, and did a superb job with his narration. His voices were spot on.

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