Up late

I stay up later and later, or earlier, these days. I sleep late sometimes, but not always. I don’t know what’s up with me. I am going to try reading earlier in the evening and see if maybe that will help me to become groggy sooner. Maybe some chamomile tea? It can’t hurt to try. Let me think, what else is going on… oh I am still, STILL reading A Game of Thrones, and I really am liking it, but my husband keeps telling me to finish it, and see how I feel about it then. It makes me think something is going to happen in it that I may not like, and could cause me to not be willing to read the rest of the books. It’s possible, but I hope not, I need books to read.

Anyway, I guess I’ll start reading now, hopefully I can get to sleep around 0300 or 0330. Crossing my fingers!
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