Wicked Gods by Eilís Leyne

Wicked GodsWicked Gods by Eilís Leyne
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“It’s about the ways people abuse religion, not about the question of God’s existence.”
– Eilís Leyne

I enjoyed this book immensely! This book reminds me of The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown. Not in the way of topic, but in the way of a thriller with a purpose. This book forces us to ask ourselves questions about what we believe, why we believe it, and how we believe it. It’s the how that gives this book the fuel it needs to take us on an adult version of Mr. Toads Wild Ride, and lead us to some insanely scary truths about society and its motivations.

I found this novel by randomly clicking on an article on Facebook, then another article from that page, and then another click or two that brought me to a site with this novel mentioned on it. I was intrigued by its description, and, well, here we are.

Something that I especially liked about this novel by Eilís Leyne is that I was drawn in, and held there. When I stopped reading to give my eyes a break, I watched the clock and wondered if sufficient time had passed and my eyes were ready to continue. I also appreciated the use of words that were unfamiliar to me. I learned new words, and they were words that fit perfectly as opposed to words that were obviously found through use of a thesaurus.

Don’t pass this book by because you think it’s bashing religions, it’s not. Not at all. Don’t believe me? Then read it.

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