Culinary Arts, Ay?

Hey home-skillets, i wanted to post a link to an article about Bothell HS and their culinary classes:
Im gonna be in that class in a couple years! I cook at home and I like to mess with recipes and make them my own, and thats how a few people in the article got into culinary arts too. Its going to be a little challenging, especially with orchestra and all my classes with the new school and everything.
I applied for honors English for next year, and they will let us know who will be getting in before spring break so Im looking forward to that, fer shure, yo.
Apparently, because Im in Core 1 Math right now, I will have to take Core 2 next year, and not Core 3 [honors math]. They dont have anything for over the summer to learn all of Core 2 so i can be in honors for tenth grade, but if I do well in class, my teacher might be able to recommend me for honors as a junior.

Well so anyway -coughcough- thats my news for this week about school, besides that for the time being I have STRAIGHT A’s!!
So yeah, AJ, as far as I know, has good grades too, but she doesnt tell me anything anymore.
haha ok bye

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    Congratulations on the Honors list, Honors English, and straight A’s! I am proud of your accomplishments. Maybe we can add to your culinary talents with some authentic mexican recipes! Love, Dad

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