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Havent updated in a while it seems. Well, yesterday was the last day of school and AJ and I are finally FINISHED.Soo happay. =]]JK’s friend from Missouri was in town and came over to visit and spent the night on the big bean bag, and he has long hair now. lol it was epic. I

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Culinary Arts, Ay?

Hey home-skillets, i wanted to post a link to an article about Bothell HS and their culinary classes: gonna be in that class in a couple years! I cook at home and I like to mess with recipes and make them my own, and thats how a few people in the article got into culinary

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Solo Ensemble

Its a competition-like thing where we get into groups and practice a certain piece of music for two months, and then perform it in front of judges for scores. Our judge said we played quite well, and even though we kinda fell apart at some parts, we got back together. We had three violins (one

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