Independence Eve

So bored. Weird stomach pain that gets worse when I eat, and comes in waves. It’s right under my sternum to the left, and hurts for about 10 or 15 seconds every 10 to 30 minutes. Ugh. Anyway, if I still have this pain come Tuesday, I’ll make an appointment.

It’s a nice cool night at least, a little breezy, and a comfy 60°. The girls are on the patio cleaning off chairs so we can take them to go sit on the roof of my husbands work parking garage and watch the Gas Works fireworks. They found some spiders, and are spazzing out now. Oh, so if you’re cool and don’t mind the 4 hours of traffic leaving Gasworks park, The Presidents of the United States are playing a free concert before and after the fireworks show, go! We’re cool, but the traffic… no thanks.

Anyway, just finished watching Spiderman 2, and now I’m going to pvp or something. Peace.

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