Good job, me

I turned in an assignment last week (two weeks ago, now), and it was a short paper about immigration, the process, and the reasons people want to come to America and become naturalized citizens. I worked very hard on it, not to get a good grade, but to make sure that what I said wasn’t emotional, but fact based, and that I had the research to back up my claims. I got the paper back with the grade. Here is what my instructor said…

Total Points 100 100
Late Penalty 10% per day, if applicable Points Deducted: 0 Explanation: N/A
Final Grade: A+++++

Overall Comments: Outstanding work on this assignment! I RARELY am able to give out 100%, so you should be proud of this paper!!! I enjoy giving out 100%, but very rarely can I justify the perfect score. The perfectly formatted citations and references (except for the one, very small error) are what people typically do not manage. Your writing is strong, easily understood, and meaningful. You did a great job of not relying on personal opinion, and provided strong facts to support your ideas and convince the reader of your position. Your explanations for a very difficult process are well communicated and concise.

Your desire to engage in academic excellence is obvious, so keep up the hard work!

Oh yes, I still smile when I read that. We’re only in week 5 of 9 weeks, hope I can live up to my own work, now. lol ūüôā

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