Protect Her: Part One by Ivy Sinclair (Goodreads Author)

Protect Her: Part OneProtect Her: Part One by Ivy Sinclair
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this, just like I do any book I accept in exchange for an honest review. I just didn’t like it. To me, the characters in this book spoke, and acted like people in the show ‘Mad Men’. I’m used to strong female characters that don’t take crap, kick ass, and and would scoff at a man who would call a woman a ‘broad’.

The story itself might be good if there was enough of it to get into, but I couldn’t be sure, this first volume is quite short. I also found much of the phrasing to be cliche, which often made me think Ms. Sinclair either wanted to write using canned phrases, or was too rushed to care. I’d like to think she would have been more creative with the telling of the story if she were able to.

The narration is okay at best. Both Angel Clark and Robert Neil DeVoe sound unsure of themselves, and give the feeling that they are uncomfortable reading aloud. I will admit that Angel seems to feel more comfortable at times, but overall I was not impressed.

It’s not long, so it can’t hurt to give it a read/listen. Or, you could wait for the next installment, and get a better feel for the story in a way that I was not able to.

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