The Hunt Chronicles Volume 1: Awakening by J.D. Demers (Goodreads Author), Joshua Story (Narrator)

The Hunt Chronicles Volume 1: AwakeningThe Hunt Chronicles Volume 1: Awakening by J.D. Demers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished this book 2 minutes ago, and had to hurry here to write about how amazing this book is! This is my first zombie book, and I had no idea how exciting it could be. Or, maybe it’s just the wicked fun writing style of Mr. Demers. I want to gush about the many facets of the story, and how each one gave this book depth, and emotion in a way I didn’t expect.

The story is well written, exciting, tense, and gross at times. In other words, perfection! I audibly groaned when the story ended knowing it might be awhile until Volume 2 comes out. Read. This. Book.

Joshua Story (Narrator): He did a fantastic job! The voices were were distinct and consistent, making it very easy to listen to. I hope to hear more from him.

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