Stuid-ass cat

Zeus is trying to kill me. He woke me at 5:45a for no reason other than he wanted to talk. Zeus is part siamese. He talks incessantly, and wants me to respond in kind. He doesn’t seem to care what I say, it can be human or cat speak. Cat speak for me is mimicking his funky little mao mao mao that sounds nothing like a meow. Of course, if he gets no response from me, I then get a cold cat nose in my ear and a long, drawn out, maaaaaaaoooooooooooo, in case the previous 20 times weren’t heard. So, I get up and go to the living room, and once he’s satisfied that I am sitting, alert and attentive, he proceeds to chase, pounce, and basically torment our sweet baby Lulu kitty. Lu is older than Zeus, and was here a few years before Zeus, but as his name implies, he is…Zeus. He rules this realm, and all those who insist on living in it.

If he wakes me up like that again on the weekend, he’s going to be dinner.

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