Havent updated in a while it seems. Well, yesterday was the last day of school and AJ and I are finally FINISHED.
Soo happay. =]]
JK’s friend from Missouri was in town and came over to visit and spent the night on the big bean bag, and he has long hair now. lol it was epic. I made pie and although it wasnt my best, it turned out ok and tasted fine. You can check it out on my other blog:
AJ and KK are at the store right now, picking things up fer dinner, and Im at home with JK…heh jk… and he is trying to fix up the sound thingy. Its this AV Receiver or something like that. I can never remember.
Haha so anyway, it shut down from being so hot last nite, and so JK took the top grid-heat-letting-out-thingy off the top and saw a whole buncha fluffs of grey fur!
Turns out it was all Zeus’s cuz he lays up there so much. So we vacuumed it out haha. Then it kept turning off so he’s trying to make it work or re-wire it or something.

OMG the best song ever this week isss:: You Dont Know Me by Ben Folds and it sounds super awesome cuz its feat. Regina Spektor.
ya so..
Oh on the 18th, we had knights day.
Its like a field day fer junior high, but like, they have those big inflatable thingys and stuff around. People face paint and bring out the popcorn and cotton candy machines. Its so much fun. I had a blast last year and this year I wasnt so sure cuz all my friends seemed to be nowhere and i could never find em. So instead I hung out with one of AJ’s friends: Lexa, and he is sooo funny! He and I are like bffs now and Evinn talks to me more. They both are sevies that went to AJs school last year and I like em better than my other friends haha.

Oh dad, if you’re readin this, then Im soo sorry about not getting my last concert recored to you. Mom brought the camera and everything but it freaked out and died like ten minutes into the whole choir thing that was up before us. We played well though =]
Did I happen to mention that Im not taking bass/orchestra next year? Yeah Im doing my whole culinary arts thing, and its not like Im good enough with the bass to make anything of it. I might pick it up again later but not this next school year.
Besides, I really need to be able to have a bass at home to practice cuz the time in class is not enough for me to keep up. When I do take it home, I practice for hours willingly. I love it but its also just too darn expensive.

But so ya, thats the news recently and..ummm yeeah.
Peace, Love and Partay ;D


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